Monday, 26 January 2009


Hello, one year later. If you have checked back here in my absence be sure to try my more regularly updated motoring blog over at

But anyway, a good five years later I've uploaded my dissertation. Being a study of a classical text I hope it's still relevant (to someone)!


Saturday, 1 December 2007

Elision on hold...

Right now I'm esconced in the OU course and writing its backstory in 'Levi's story' I haven't had much time for Elision. Seeing as I've already got a first draft of it (in its entirety) I'm going to leave it for the time being to concentrate on the others.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Mirissa Beach

This is Mirissa Beach on the South Coast of Sri Lanka. It is one of the places that Ethan visits on his trip away from England.

This picture was taken before the 2005 Tsunami.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Assessment One: 'Indulgence'

The assessed part of my course is three 500 word stories. This is the first; a 'character summary.'

Mr Studer was a pale, imposing man of fifty six. He was as broad as a telephone box and nearly as tall. He stood in his gloomy study admiring a picture of his second wife. Behind him the shutters kept out the streaming Puertabanus light and the room retained some semblance of cool in the middle of the day. People said that he must be north facing, because he never caught the sun.

Maria, his old maid of eighteen years knocked at the door and brought him in a tea set that clinked on the tray as she moved. She laid it on the desk next to a hard backed volume on oenology.

“Thank you” he said without smiling.

He looked back at the photo ‘She was the best looking’ he thought ‘of all of them’. Mr Studer was obsessed with women and their fine elegant features, their necks and fingers; a constant obsession that skipped from one woman to the next so much so that he was found to be most inconstant by both his previous wives. Like the women, the divorces had been very different; the first had been happy to get the money, but the second he had hurt very badly. He gripped the top of his padded chair; its leather was stiff and cracked, ‘but by and large they did not impact upon me too much’.

Still with Anna, the delightful third, he had been faithful. She reminded him of the second; blonde, sylph-like, thirty four and so full of newness and joy that he could almost cry when he saw her. It felt different this time; there was something about her, and there was also something starting to be different in him.

He poured himself a cup of tea. The liquid was dark and its smell bitter. He wrinkled his nose; it was stewed. Maria never got the tea right, and he always tipped it away so as she wouldn’t know that he hadn’t liked it.

Behind him was a large framed picture of a horse situated in a Gainsborough country scene. It had an unusual amount of relief even for an oil painting. He had loved horse racing and sponsored many events a long time ago. He adored the thrill of the day, the beautiful animals and the girls in all their finery. The horse in the picture was ‘Promised Land’; the very first indulgence he had bought for himself when he sold the company. He loved that horse; back then for a time he had wanted to set up with a colleague and start a stables. But when ‘Land’ fell and had to be put down he had lost interest in the idea for good.

Most of the time he looked at the painting without experiencing any of the sadness he once bore, and today was no different, he looked at the glossy flanks and remembered that moment of painted perfection, and nothing else.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Levi's Story 1

With a jolt eighteen year old Levi woke at a thunderous roar right by his head. He lifted his aching temples in shock and saw that the noise was coming from a convoy of juggernauts that were crashing along the carriageway beneath him. Relieved, he shut his eyes again: they were fifty yards away from where he lay dishevelled on the grubby slope of the autopista embankment.

Now conscious, but still confused, he touched his hair and his pale face. There was dirt in the wet corners of his mouth and an acute throbbing in the left side of his head. He lay still for a moment longer before pushing himself up onto his knees and falling back gingerly onto his dusty jeans. The sun was dazzling; he had to shade his ice blue eyes from the flashes of the glittering Mediterranean that stretched from the far side of the road on to the horizon.

‘Another night’; the familiarity of the situation steadied him. But even as it did he panicked again and felt his wrist anxiously for his watch. It was still there; his granddad’s old
Oyster. He took a deep, unpleasant breath of fumes and finally after a flying start, his heart rate had a chance to lessen.

He looked back down at the passing traffic, his shivers subsiding in the warm air. He could not recall the previous night as distinct from the others but he knew what it would have been like; he smiled knowingly.

There was certainly a girl involved, there always was: Levi fell in love, and out of love every second day. He considered Lucy, his old girl back in England, and shook his head. It hurt, and a flicker of malice momentarily dislodged the smile.

He brushed the grassy debris from his black shirt, casually noticing that it was ripped and ruined. Then he looked to his left knowing already what he would see. At a distance of two hundred yards along the scrubby noisy verge was the nightclub where he had spent most of the last week.

“So...” he said quietly to himself; his clear, correct accent was immediately drowned by the passing tyre roar. He looked at his watch, its face comforting him ‘… it’s ten thirty on Sunday February the 18th…’ and with a mental clunk he suddenly placed himself “…fuck I’m late for school.”

School started that evening than 1000 miles away in south east England, it was the end of half term.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Levi's Story

So a fortnight into the Open University course and I'm having some misgivings about the depth and clarity of some of my character development in Elision.

A lot of our work at the moment is helping make our character development as clear and as dramatically dynamic as possible. With this in mind I have decided to take some time off from Elision while I finish the course and work on a backstory for Levi.

The plotting of the story should not be affected but I would feel more comfortable with a little more definition about the characters. The time, and the course will hopefully help with this.

I am looking forward to writing Levi's Story soon, maybe one day it will prove to be the first part of a two part book... maybe!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Picked Up

Just a shout to Iqubed for putting my Machinima piece on their blog:

(Interviews by Leean Pindar)